The Best Way To Make Meaningful ImpactDo you want to have meaning in your life and make an impact on the world around you? You aren't alone. We give you the help that you need to reach your highest potential and enact impact by turning your life into a game. By playing this game of life, you're able to structure all that you do in a way that helps you achieve your goals.

The Game Of Life, Made For YouWe've created "Flitti's 8 Pillars of Life". There are hundreds of pre-defined missions that you can complete daily help you improve each pillar of life. The more you play, the higher your level becomes and the more the game adapts to your personal needs.

A Support Network Like No OtherFlitti's social networking capabilities allow for you to create a team of up to 50 people, including yourself. We suggest teammates who are strong where you're weak and vise-versa. This creates a web of meaningful connections where guidance and feedback can be shared between the people on your team.

Complete AutomationWe're working hard to integrate with many of the services that you've already come to love. We let you track your stats for missions using these services. By compiling all of your scattered data into one place, you gain a holistic view of your life. Seeing how each pillar affects the rest can help you see the true meaning behind why you're running more, learning something, or sleeping better.